Smoke Screen Systems

Can't see it. Can't Steal it!

Security Fog comes from the inspiration to confront criminals whilst protecting people and property. This is an attempt to prevent crime to achieve a peaceful result to an intrusive situation. If something is harder to steal as it is hidden, this removes the opportunity for potential losses. Smokescreen hides the goods you value most and stops the threat of loss immediately and effectively.  Criminals are left with little option, but to leave, ending the potential crime in seconds. The harmless smoke clears, and the threat is eliminated, leaving no residue and the least amount of disruption to the premises or goods. 

Can’t see it. Can’t steal it. 

A simple yet effective solution is available in three models, the S35, S55 and S70.  The smokescreen products can be installed as stand-alone solutions or integrated to an alarm system, depending on your requirements.  IP (internet protocol) options are now available, including the Ti100 which is the most powerful fog generator. Using internet connection allows the generators to connect to each other as to other devices. Flexibility of options for configuration, monitoring and controlling of the security devices puts you in control of your security system and complete visibility across multiple sites.  Security fog is a highly effective tool for reducing the risk of break-ins and loss creating a formidable defence system.

Optional Sound bar and/or strobe light makes the effect of the smoke even more disorientating, resulting in even more chances of reducing stock losses.

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