Rotolock and Seal System

100% Tamper evident seal for maximum asset protection


  • Each Rotolock seal is injection-moulded in bright green to fit snugly over the virtually indestructible Locksecure Rotolock body and marked with an individual serial number.
  • The seal is locked to the padlock by closing the shackle through a fold-over tab that prevents unauthorized access to the padlock keyway.


  • This unique padlock has a rotating sleeve that makes it resistant to leverage from a pipe wrench.
  • The design of the sloping shoulders helps deflect blows from a hammer and the boron shackle is resistant to sawing, drilling, freezing and cutting.
  • Coupled with a tamper evident seal, this system guarantees protection.
  • They can also be exclusively branded with either the Locksecure or the customer logo to enhance identification and eliminate fraud.
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