Emergency Exit Lock and Seal System

100% Tamper evident seal for maximum asset protection

Businesses, employers and public service providers not only have a moral responsibility to ensure the safety of employees, customers and visitors, they are also compelled by law to make adequate and effective provision to prevent death or injury in case of emergency. This is exactly where this seal comes in. It facilitates safety and discourages tampering at the same time.

The Locksecure emergency exit lock and seal system complies with fire/emergency escape regulations and comprises a specially designed padlock, key and seal, as well as an adhesive control sheet that:

  • Makes provision for a 12 month record
  • Contains user-friendly written and graphic instructions facilitating hassle-free escape
  • Plus important safety information for every day use and maintenance


  • Each emergency exit seal is injection-moulded in clear luminous polypropylene, that glows in the dark, to fit snugly over the uniquely extruded Locksecure 50mm fixed key lock body and marked with an individual serial number.
  • The seal is locked to the padlock and fixed key by closing the shackle through a fold-over tab that prevents tampering and unauthorized access except in the case of an emergency.
  • The seal portion covering the key is designed to the exact specification of the key to ensure that the key is fully inserted.


  • Each 50mm brass padlock has been skilfully designed and uniquely extruded with 2 v-shaped grooves over which only Locksecure uniquely moulded and numbered seals can fit.
  • The shackles are made from impenetrable stainless steel, hardened steel or boron for maximum asset protection.
  • The key is permanently fixed to the lock body and for fire regulations purposes is seen as a lever mechanism.
  • Corresponding numbers are engraved on the lock and key.
  • They can also be exclusively branded with either the Locksecure or the customer logo to enhance identification and eliminate fraud.
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