50mm Lock and Seal System

100% Tamper evident seal for maximum asset protection


  • Each 50mm seal is injection-moulded in bright red to fit snugly over the uniquely extruded Locksecure lock body and marked with an individual serial number.
  • The seal is locked to the padlock by closing the shackle through a fold-over tab that prevents unauthorized access to the padlock keyway.


  • Each 50mm brass padlock has been skilfully designed and uniquely extruded with 2 v-shaped grooves over which only Locksecure uniquely moulded and numbered seals can fit.
  • The shackles are made from impenetrable stainless steel, hardened steel or boron for maximum asset protection.
  • The padlocks are uniquely numbered either by laser marking, pin stamp or punch.
  • They can also be exclusively branded with either the Locksecure or the customer logo to enhance identification and eliminate fraud.
  • These padlocks are available in 2 different sizes (77mm and 96mm in height).
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