Sealing in safety

The importance of tamper evidence From the earliest civilizations to the present, seals have provided evidence of unauthorized access. What important information can we gather from tamper evidence? Some considerations are: Identify all feasible methods of unauthorised access into the sealed area/container. In addition to the primary means of entry, also consider secondary or ‘back …

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Minimise FMCG Losses

Protecting people and property Processing large amounts of cash is always a risky business, so it makes sense to be protected. Cash centre to bank or building society; Smoke Screen protects every phase. Prevent losses from raids on cash processing centres or CIT vehicles. Over 40 years of cash protection. Cash, every thief’s favourite. Easily …

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Smoke Screen stops armed gang

Effective protection of people and property Fast, violent jewellery theft has become more widespread of late. Concept Smoke Screen’s security fog solutions are at the forefront of the battle against this increasingly prolific breed of daytime raid as this footage from a jewellery store in a shopping centre in Johannesburg shows. Watch the actual footage of …

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