Smoke Screen Systems


locksecure-smoke-insetCan’t see it. Can’t steal it!

Functions and uses:

  • Eliminates the line of sight
  • Prevents theft and fraud
  • Non-toxic, non-lethal
  • Effective

Concept Smoke Screen devices confront intruders, reduce losses and protect your valuables by producing a dense, white smoke (fog) effect in seconds. Once an intruder is detected Smoke Screen inundates the protected area with a non-toxic, smoke-like, thermal fog. Intruders are stopped in their tracks, valuable property is hidden from view. British design and manufacture, South African installation and technical support ensure Concept Smoke Screen remains the market-leading security smoke system. The one to trust.

SAPS Crime Statistics show there were almost 400,000 break-ins and 40,000 robberies between April 2013 and March 2014. Don’t become a statistic. Contact us today and upgrade your security to include a Concept Smoke Screen System.

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Smoke Screen S30

With its compact design and efficient construction, the S30 is one of the most affordable products in the Sentinel range. The S30 is often installed to provide protection in jewellers’ window displays, internal storerooms and display cabinets. This ‘entry-level’ machine proves that security smoke doesn’t have to be expensive. Built to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Sentinel range but with different heater block technology. The S30 is the ideal system to benefit small businesses, ATM bunkers and homes.


Smoke Screen S70

The S70 precision-engineered, steel heater blocks and state of the art cartridge heaters provide higher levels of performance and reliability. This leads to a greater volume of smoke (residue free and with longer hang times). New PCB technology, ergonomic connectors and a built-in bracket design make installation fast and simple. Other features include an internal battery back-up, a larger fluid chamber and new eco setting make the S70 very versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.



Add-ons and Accessories to the Smoke Screen range

Functions and uses:

  • Complements the Smoke Screen generators
  • Additional line of defence
  • Harmless but effective
  • Unpleasant and disorienting

The addition of one, or both, of these accessories will stop any criminal in their tracks and ensure that they are unable to continue with their activities.


Sound Barrier S3B Alarm

S3B an ear-splitting, audible alarm system that is the perfect complement to our Smoke Screen generators. When activated the S3B produces a combination of frequencies that bombard the intruders ears. Creating an effect similar to motion sickness the thief is debilitated and has to move away from the source of the noise. Once out of range there are no lasting effects, the effect is completely harmless. The volume is also sufficient to alert local police or security personnel.


Flashing Xenon Strobe

The intense, flashing light effect produced by this compact and robust Xenon Strobe dazzles and disorientates any would-be intruder. The flashing also works with the smoke-like effect in the same way as fog-lights react with fog. Making it appear brighter, denser, impossible to see through. It can be used cost-effectively with small Smoke Screen generators in small domestic or business installations. It will also supplement the top end Smoke machines for larger installations and is effective in large shops and warehouses.


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